Agriculture & Livestock

BRAC's agriculture programme in Sierra Leone is working on providing training for farmers, establishing demonstration farms and kitchen gardens, producing and distributing quality seeds, providing inputs and tools support to farmers, organising nutrition awareness campaigns, forming and meeting village nutrition committees, and developing staff capacity.

Our community agriculture promoters (CAPs) deliver technical services and inputs to the farmers. We also facilitate the CAPs to establish themselves as small entrepreneurs and strengthen their businesses. Under the DFID-funded Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF) project, we train the community agriculture promoters (CAPs) to deliver technical services and inputs to the farmers. We aim to disseminate modern agriculture technologies to familiarise farmers with modern practices which will improve their livelihoods.

Our agriculture programme and seed testing farm works to develop the technical capacity of the farmers, promote more participation in agricultural activities and create awareness on nutrition.

BRAC launched its poultry and livestock programme in Sierra Leone in 2008. Our programme aims to reduce hunger and improve the livelihood situation in Sierra Leone. The poultry and livestock programme has been working to increase the productivity of small scale farms by building the capacity of farmers, introducing modern livestock management techniques, demonstrations, and building viable services of local businesses through trainings and capacity building of local staff.

We developed self-employed community livestock and poultry promoters (CLPPs). Our interventions are aimed at reducing livestock mortality, increasing incomes, creating employment opportunities, and reducing malnutrition and stunting of livestock. Rural women and families who suffer from food insecurity, and are primarily excluded from mainstream livestock programmes, are our target clients.

Our CLPPs are the entry point for the livestock services in the communities. They are also responsible for raising local demand in the poultry and livestock sector. The greater part of our activities focuses on capacity building, developing model farmers through demonstrations, and adapting modern technologies to suit the local context.

Current projects




GPAF Project (Reducing hunger in the rural areas of Sierra Leone)


April 2012-March 2015


Train and equip poor landless women in food insecure rural areas of Sierra Leone and Liberia to establish kitchen gardens and small scale poultry farms in their homesteads and increase their families’ food intake and improve their children’s nutritional status and general health

Inland valley swamp (IVS)



Swamp land development

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